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The firm's practice areas include business formations, mergers and acquisitions, general business counsel, commercial real estate and commercial litigation.

About The Firm

Aron Phillips Law was launched in November of 2018 by Aron Phillips. The firm holds several philosophies key to creating a great practice, workplace, and impact:


Responsibility entails a commitment to follow up and follow through. Actions speak louder than words, so being responsive and responsible with time and resources of clients and their employees is important. It is the firm’s responsibility to familiarize itself with the legal issues facing their clients, and to analyze the costs and benefits surrounding those issues.


It is important to set expectations, effectively listen, give feedback, and to do so respectfully. Communicating in a healthy manner is a key part of the firm’s values. Communicating regarding the legal costs of a transaction or decision before starting the work, is important, and helping clients to have realistic expectations regarding the situations facing them is a commitment the firm strives for.


The firm values long-term relationships. In order to pursue and maintain long-term relationships, the firm strives to provide proactive legal advice so that the businesses and clients it serves will not just survive, but thrive. If there is a conflict between the firm’s ability to provide valuable legal service and the potential client’s goals, then such conflict will be explained. Because of this, the firm may choose to cease representing clients who repeatedly disregard the advice that is meant to protect them.


Practice Areas

Instead of trying to be the lawyer for everyone, the firm focuses on meeting the needs of business owners.

Business Formations

Structuring and setting up your entity properly is key to making sure that you have the liability protection you need.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are nearing the finish line, or haven’t even considered how to buy or sell that business, hiring good legal counsel can help facilitate the deal that you desire to pursue.

General Business Counsel

Reviewing contracts, structuring unique deals, and making sure that clients have good, accessible legal help is the firm’s aim.

Commercial Real Estate

From leases to loans, and from development to purchase of the real estate or building, having legal help is crucial to your success.

Commercial Litigation

Sometimes disputes are inevitable. Having good counsel is key to navigating the processes and procedures in today’s justice system.

Client Testimonials

I would highly recommend Aron Phillips based upon my previous experience with him. Aron has assisted me with everything from small questions and dealings to the largest transaction I have ever made, which was the sale of my business. I truly believe he has my best interests in mind, so I trust him whenever I ask for his advice or if he offers it, having him on my team has been something that I am very thankful for. He has become a friend as well as a partner in business, so I am glad to have him on my side

Davey VanicekBusiness Owner

The Law Office of Aron Phillips was key to a smooth start for my business. Mr. Phillips was thorough, quick to respond to my inquiries, efficient, and educated me along the way. I will be returning for any future legal needs

Bliss HerronMother Bliss Doula Services DFW

I have worked with Aron several times. Every time he has he been very responsive and extremely thorough. On one particular instance, his advice saved me from a major lawsuit with a potential hire. I can't thank you enough for that! I highly recommend Aron to any business owner looking for a trusted advisor that will give excellent and sound advice in any business transaction.

Jeremy RobertsOwner of JC Roberts Insurance

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Consultation requests will generally receive a response within 2 business days, although no guaranty can be made as to response time, and unforeseen circumstances such as death, illness, vacation, or other causes may increase the time it takes for the firm to respond. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911. If it is a non-life threatening, but urgent matter, please call the firm and leave a message. Consultations will be billed at the normal rate of any attorneys present, unless indicated otherwise in writing prior to the consultation

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